You would think that being as short as I am that I would gladly accept help when I can’t reach things. I just can’t say that it true. Being short makes me want to defy my stunted height. You know, prove to others that I can too reach the top shelf at the grocery store. If I need a lift at home, for example in the garage, I just use the ladder. After all that’s what they are there for. Then there is work. I can’t imagine my career not involving a desk, computer and me sitting for majority of my work duties. Meaning, if I need something high up, I’ll use my desk chair. I’m stubborn like that. In the industrial field of construction and mechanical engineering they aren’t so lucky. Can you imagine creating stages for the Olympics with out the help of mechanical lifts? I believe that is manpower that no man holds.

Chain lifts can be compact sizes or heavy duty actuators to handle larger loads of work. Chains can be coiled for flexible storage. What are you looking for? Lift tables and mechanical lifts are based on height, weight and other forces, like drive housing. Additional properties to consider is the size of machinery you’re looking for, which that can depend on the size of your project. These are easy to maneuver into small storage spaces. However, if you are working on something like an orchestra lift, your tools are going to be magnified compared to little on-site projects. Even projects in the theater need industrial tools. Final projects inside theaters are beautiful architecture. There is more than art being performing. The industrial techniques are conducted before a play or an orchestra displays their work on stage.

Stage engineering is more intricate than an onlooker may know. To display various stages within the one, you have to have linking lifts working to open the curtain or to shift stage scenery back and forth. Orchestra lifts help the orchestra or band coming from the pit move up and down. Like I said, the final product doesn’t come close to explaining the amount of time and the thought process that goes into stage engineering. As a short person, it’s good to know that if I needed a lift for industrial purposes, there is an outlet for me. Nevertheless, my stubbornness will keep to the later or climbing counter-tops to change light bulbs.