Tips For Purchasing The Ideal Electronic Motor Brakes

You will be required to buy electronic motor brakes if you want your motor to stop without letting it come to rest naturally. Buying the best brakes will ensure that your equipment operates properly. Motor brakes have some similar features although there are various types. You can read about the similarities below. Stopping an electric motor is one of the similarities. To achieve this function, the necessary stopping torque is generated by the friction between the mating surfaces. Electronic motor brakes have different types; spring and electrically set. Actuation in electrically set is provided by a magnetic coil.

For the spring set electric motor brakes, a spring is used to provide the actuation force. Spring motor brakes are used in most of the applications and where rapid stop and hold needs are required. Apart from that, they are used on vector drives as fail-safe holding brakes. Another application of spring brakes is on exported machinery. Soft-engagement and high-cycling applications are where electrically set brakes are used. To select motor brakes, many people look at their applications. This article has outlined some of the crucial aspects to be looked at when choosing an electronic motor brake; read now.

Cycle rate is one of the factors to consider. The cycle rate refers to the frequent use of the brake. The cycle rate will affect the thermal sizing because heat is generated by brake friction. What affects the brake’s efficiency to store and transfer heat to the environment is the construction materials and physical structure. Demands like emergency stop and jogging also affects the size of the brakes. Environmental conditions over which the motor brake will operate also matters.

If you buy a wring brake, it will be damaged faster because of conditions like moisture, heat, and cold. To ensure the brakes you buy meet your needs, you need to select the ones that have variations from the regular brakes. Some of the variations include built-in space heaters, alternative materials like epoxy paints and coil encapsulation. Another factor to consider when selecting the ideal brake is power supply. You should know the available power where the brake will be installed. The brake’s operation may also be affected by the sizing and length of the power line runs, which may cause sufficient voltage variation and line drop.

You should purchase brakes with coils that can be changed on-site by maintenance workers. The greater flexibility of such brakes will enable them to have reduced part stocks. You should also consider the available space and accessibility before you choose an electronic motor brake. There are several alternatives that you can select from ranging from free standing to shaft mounted brakes. It is also crucial for you to consider industry standards before selecting motor brakes. You can check it out to have a guide of selecting the ideal brakes.